Ultima 6 SNES Randomizer ALPHA

by squibbons

Randomizer Preset

Shuffle Items

Recommend Main Items combined with Overworld and/or Underground Chests.

Randomize Spawns

Randomize spawn points for AI by AI type or mix them together.
AI Spawn Numbers
(The base game number of AI per spawner is unchanged)
AI Aggression
(AI are assigned aggression based on the spawner they spawn from)

AI Options

AI Stat Difficulty
(AI stats are the same as the base game)
AI Health Difficulty
(AI health is the same as the base game)
AI Damage Difficulty
(AI damage is the same as the base game)
AI Spell Difficulty
(AI spell options are the same as the base game)
AI Spells
(AI spell lists are unchanged)
AI Equipment
(Unchanged from base game)

Gameplay Adjustments

Starting Inventory
(Unchanged from base game)
Starting Gold
(Unchanged from base game - 200 gold)
Day and Night Cycle
(Unchanged from base game)
Karma Difficulty
(Unchanged from base game)
Item Difficulty
(Unchanged from base game)
Shrine of Spirituality Warp
(Unchanged from base game. Shrine is reachable only through Moongates.)
Placed Rafts and Gates
(Same as base game. Possible to get stuck if you have no Moon Orb or Spellbook.)



The following people helped to test out the initial versions of the randomizer, and helped it to reach the stability it has today: